You may wonder… Why choose a pressure washing company for painting jobs? Actually, All Washed Up is a full-service painting company too!

We can take on both interior and exterior painting jobs, including large jobs that other companies may not have the equipment and talent to complete.

While we may be best known for our pressure washing and cleaning tasks, when we decided to get into painting, we did so in a huge way. We have a team of experienced, professional painters who can take on both big and small jobs. Plus, unlike other painting companies, we have the equipment necessary to prep nearly any surface to the highest possible degree.

Painting is a technically challenging job. That is why you do not want to hire the first company you find in the phone book. Instead, you should choose to work with a team of professionals that not only has the proper training and expertise, but who also have the backing of high-end equipment and products.

Before you decide to paint any surface, why not let the All Washed Up team work with you? We would love to help you refresh and revitalize your property with a new paint job!

Our painting division tackles projects including commercial buildings, industrial coatings and exterior residential projects.