Roof Cleaning

The roof is one of the most important parts of a building—both on commercial and residential structures.

Unfortunately, a roof can also attract dirt, mold, mildew and lichen growth that can is unattractive, lowers the value of the property and leads to serious repair issues in the future. That is why keeping your roof clean, using the proper techniques, is vital.

Not All Roof Cleaning is the Same

At All Washed Up, we understand the pressure washing business like no one else in the Boston Area. We offer high-pressure washing services for the jobs that require it. However, we know that when high-pressure systems are used on your roof, it can cause significant, long-term damage. As such, we have spent years perfecting our safe, effective roof cleaning techniques.

We choose only the best equipment, designed specifically for roof washing, which allows us to clean your roof safely. This particular system does not operate at over 500psi, so you will not experience the premature aging or damage that you may see if you choose other roof cleaning services. Additionally, we use eco-friendly methods to protect your structure and surroundings.

Do not spend another day dealing with a dirty, moldy roof. Contact All Washed Up and let us resolve your roof issues quickly and safely.

Power washing your roof improves its appearance and can prevent costly repairs down the road.