Sidewalk Cleaning

Clean sidewalks are inviting, and will make your business stand out as a place that people want to visit.

Dirty sidewalks covered in trash or stained from use are not appealing to you, so why would they be appealing to customers or potential customers?

Luckily, the All Washed Up team offers sidewalk cleaning services, so you can have these clean, inviting sidewalks all year round. Our hot water cleaning process can remove stuck-on gum, the disgusting slime that accumulates near trash cans, stains from birds and other wildlife and general dirtiness.

In Boston and throughout New England, another problem occurs in spring when the snow begins to melt. Months of dirty ice and salt build up can cause even the cleanest sidewalks to appear dirty and stained. We can help with this too. Our pressure washing system can help make your sidewalks fresh and clean once more. Consider spring cleaning your sidewalks this year and get ready for the warm months ahead.

If you would like to learn more about our sidewalk cleaning service, give All Washed Up a call today. We would love to come out and show you how attractive your facility can look when the sidewalks are clean and clear once more.